What to do After a Car Accident

Gotten into a car accident? Wondering what to do next? Well, you found the right article. Car accidents and injuries can be scary, nerve-wracking and a pain in the backside. Peter Porcaro, your (future) attorney, has litigated car accidents and ...
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Alzheimer's Disease

The Effects of Medical Marijuana on Alzheimer’s Treatment

Around 44 million people around the world are expected to have Alzheimer's or a related dementia problem. Studies also show that the number of people expected to have this grave disease is expected to grow in upcoming years. People suffering ...
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Certifying Medical Marijuana

Certifying Medical Marijuana for Medical Professionals

Welcome to the wonderful world of Medical Marijuana. Certifying medical marijuana can be daunting. Whether you have already completed your certification or looking to become certified, here are some helpful tips in discerning certifiable patients and maintaining a legal practice. ...
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Halloween Costume, Witch Pug

Best Halloween Events in Delray Beach

When the weather gets cooler, bellies get fatter, and families get together; you know its holiday season! Halloween is right around the corner, and I am sure we all are visiting pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins and planning our Halloween festivities. People celebrate ...
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Fake News Hillary Clinton

The Dangers of Fake News

Fake News… Again? Fake news has been around forever – probably before the advent of written language. But today its more dangerous than it ever was. Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts get liked, shared, retweeted hundreds and thousands of times. ...
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cannabis legalization

Cannabis Legalization — Revisiting a Debate That’s Already Been Settled

This article will explain why marijuana, or cannabis, should be legalized at both the state and federal levels. Actually, with it legal in many states, it’s more accurate to say that cannabis legalization should be expanded into the rest of ...
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personal injury claim

The Right Way to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim

Knowing the best way to pursue a personal injury claim will make an often traumatic situation a little easier. Being injured in an accident is a terrible thing to experience. It can be even worse if someone else is responsible. And ...
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Amendment 2 and the Need for South Florida Cannabis Dispensaries

Last November, Floridians joined the nation at large in their support of the legalization of medical marijuana, paving the way for the development of South Florida cannabis dispensaries to begin. Gallup first polled Americans on their thoughts about marijuana in ...
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Peter J. Porcaro Honored as a ‘Top Up and Comer’ by the South Florida Legal Guide

One of the greatest forms of recognition is when your peers admire and respect your work. The South Florida Legal Guide provides a venue for peer nominations and recognition, regularly publishing listings of the region's Top Lawyers, Top Law Firms, ...
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