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Personal InjuryFlorida Nursing Homes 101: Everything You Need to Know

PORCARO LAW: Florida Nursing Homes 101: Everything You Need to Know

Nursing Homes in Florida 

Florida is a hot bed for nursing homes. Unfortunately, not all of these homes are handled with the appropriate care and staffing. Lately, there have been a lot of complex issues arising in nursing homes around Florida.

If you have a loved one that needs to be admitted to a nursing home on short notice, we’ve compiled a list of screening tips to follow. This will provide your family with the reassurance they need.

How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

1. Don’t pick the very first one.

Don’t pick the first nursing home you find or visit. Nursing homes employ numerous marketing representatives that will bribe you with gifts, invite you to lunch, etc. Do your research, read reviews online, and look for blog posts and other resources on the internet regarding the facility.

2. Do your research.

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration operates a website located at FloridaHealthFinder.gov that contains information concerning all nursing homes licensed by the State of Florida. You can find information such as recent inspection reports that are important to research before picking your home.

3. Visit the nursing home in-person.

In addition to doing your due diligence online, it is important to actually visit the nursing home in-person. You can use your senses in-person. Does there appear to be enough staff around when you’re visiting? How does the facility look, smell, and feel? These are questions that you can only ask yourself when you’re physically at the facility. Use your best judgement.

4. Speak to other residents.

Speak to the family members of other residents there if you have the opportunity. They will likely provide honest feedback that will help you with your decision.

5. Don’t sign the arbitration agreement.

When signing paperwork, do not sign the arbitration agreement. Legally, you can and should refuse to sign this agreement. By signing that clause, you waive your constitutional right to hold the nursing home operator accountable in a court of law in the event that they harm your loved one.

6. Visit regularly.

After your loved one is admitted, visit them regularly (especially in the beginning). Monitor any changes in mood, pain, and overall health status and bring these issues to the attention of the staff and/or director.

7. Be aware of under-staffing.

This is the main cause of harm that occurs in most nursing homes in Florida. 

If you are experiencing issues with a nursing home incident or situation, don’t hesitate to call the Porcaro Law office for more information. Peter Porcaro is a well-versed personal injury attorney located in Delray Beach, Florida. He specializes in nursing home abuse and neglect. Our firm is here for you and will fight for you and your loved ones.

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