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Electric Scooter Accidents

Electric scooters, commonly known as e-scooters, are trending across the U.S. as a hip and sustainable form of transportation. In major cities, like Miami and Tampa, these scooters have become an efficient and economical way for residents to meet friends downtown or grab a quick bite to eat.

Although Governor DeSantis permitted the use of electric-powered scooters back in 2019, he left it up to local ordinances to regulate the use of them. While some Florida cities have welcomed this popular mode of transportation with open arms, others remain hesitant to get on board.

Before you operate an e-scooter, check your local rules and regulations. Some cities allow these motorized vehicles on the street, while others only permit the use of them on the sidewalk. Some require a driver's license or even a helmet. The law is contingent on your hometown or travel destination, and whether they have deemed e-scooters as an admissible form of transportation. Without the statewide requirement of a seat or safety gear, the dangers associated with electric scooters remain palpable. As their popularity surges, riders, motorists and pedestrians must stay vigilant on the road.

If you have been injured in an electric scooter accident in South Florida, you may be able to claim compensation. Contact the top-rated scooter accident attorneys at Porcaro Law for a free consultation and discuss your case for free.

Common Types of Electric Scooter Accidents

E-scooter accidents occur most frequently from human error, but mechanical failure can contribute too. The following are the leading types of scooter accidents in Florida:

Since companies like Bird and Lime popularized the use and accessibility of electric scooters, our Delray Beach personal injury attorneys understand these accidents have become more common. Some cases have even led to death - further emphasizing the importance of e-scooter safety and precaution on the road.

Common Injuries Sustained in Electric Scooter Accidents

An injury sustained from an electric scooter accident can vary in severity. The following are the most common injuries incurred from an e-scooter accident:

  • Bone fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Severe cuts and bruises

These injuries require immediate medical attention and could lead to disability, costly medical expenses, and loss of income for the victim. To avoid any financial stress, contact an experienced scooter accident lawyer for help.

Possible Damages in Electric Scooter Accidents

When you file a personal injury lawsuit for a scooter accident in Florida, there are certain damages you can claim. These damages may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other loss related to the accident

Experienced Scooter Accident Attorneys in Delray Beach & Boca Raton

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