When Is The Car Manufacturer At Fault for an Auto Accident?

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV), the year 2019 saw more than 400,000 reported auto accidents. The organization noted various crash types, from pedestrian crashes to hit and runs. But there’s one question they don’t answer: When is the car manufacturer at fault for an auto accident? Automotive Defects and Car Accidents The car […]

Defective Vehicle Lawsuits & Auto Products Liability Legal Guide

Cars are intricate machines with thousands of parts. When one of these part fails, the car will no longer function properly. Like any piece of machinery, general wear and tear is the most common cause of a malfunctioning car part, but these malfunctions can sometimes be caused by product defects. In this circumstance, if you […]

Types of Product Liability Claims

Defective products cause thousands of injuries every year. From sunscreen recalls that cause burns or reactions to people’s skin to recalls on parts of cars like defective airbags, products with hazardous defects never cease to find their way into public domain. When these products cause damage to consumers, the parties involved in creating and distributing […]

Toyota and General Motors Put Profit Before Safety and Pay the Price

Toyota Motor Corp. will pay $1.2 billion in what U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said was the largest criminal penalty ever levied on an automaker in the U.S. to settle a criminal investigation. The sudden unintended acceleration led to the recall of more than 10 million vehicles for problems including faulty brakes, sticky gas pedals, and improper or misplaced floor mats […]