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AccidentsThe Dangers of Florida’s Turnpike and Toll Highways


PORCARO LAW: The Dangers of Florida’s Turnpike and Toll Highways

The Sunshine State boosts over 700 miles of toll roads, bridges and causeways, more than any other state in the country. Some of the most notable toll roads include I-75 and Florida’s Turnpike, which dates back to 1957. These roadways were originally designed to reduce traffic congestion and generate funding for improved infrastructure without taxing the general public. Today, thousands of commuters and travelers embark on these roadways on a regular basis. Although their use is invaluable, toll road expansion has resultantly augmented the number of car accidents throughout the state. 

On average, there are 500 car accidents a day in Florida, with an estimated 200,000 car accidents happening a year. In fact, Florida has one of the highest accident rates across the country, averaging 28% more than neighboring states. Because of this, it’s important for drivers to proceed with caution when driving on toll roads, bridges and causeways in the area. Since many drivers in Florida are visitors, they do not come into contact with toll roads on a regular basis. This causes an increased risk for confusion and distracted driving amongst toll roads.

The attorneys at Porcaro Law Group have helped countless toll road accident victims through the difficult proceedings following a crash. We help clients establish culpability and begin the process of filing a personal injury claim. As skilled negotiators, we fight to recover the compensation that you deserve and settle for nothing less. 

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Safety risks on Florida’s Turnpike and toll roads

Each year, thousands of tourists descend upon sunny South Florida to enjoy the sandy beaches and family-friendly theme parks. As a result, toll roads become more congested, particularly by drivers who are new to the area or unfamiliar with Florida traffic laws. Unfortunately, this increases the odds of an accident on state roadways. 

Here are the main risks associated with Florida toll roads:

Navigating toll booths

One of the unique aspects of toll roads is the physical barriers between drivers and the road. Unlike toll-free highways, in order to enter Florida’s Turnpike you need to pass through a toll booth and pay a fee. Many Florida drivers opt for an annual Sunpass to avoid stopping. But outside drivers are presented with the challenge of choosing which lane to drive through. This makes them more prone to short stops, quick lane changes, and car accidents. 

Last minute merging

When approaching a toll booth on Florida’s Turnpike, you’ll encounter last-minute merging and general confusion by new toll road users. Due to varying pay options and signage, drivers become more focused on getting to the right lane versus watching out for the traffic around them. This causes more slamming on the brakes, delayed lane changes, and sudden stops which play a factor in unexpected crashes.   

Distracted driving

As one of the leading causes of car accidents nowadays, distracted driving continues to increase the number of reported toll road injuries and fatalities across the state. Speeding, drinking and driving, texting, and other reckless behaviors contribute to increased accident risks that result in injury or fatality. 

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

You should always hire a personal injury attorney to help guide you through the process of a toll road accident lawsuit. Oftentimes, big insurance companies will use complicated jargon to try to trick victims into biased settlements. However, with the right attorney on your side, you can easily establish liability for damages, lost wages, and medical bills. In short, attorneys are the key to maximizing your personal injury settlement. In the event that the condition of the road or toll booth may have caused the crash, you’ll need an experienced attorney to help you determine liability as well. 

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The attorneys at Porcaro Law Group work vigilantly to ensure car accident victims receive just compensation. We understand how overwhelming life can get following the aftermath of a car accident, which is why we’ll support you through the entire process of filing a claim. With a knowledgeable approach to insurance company tactics, we’ll make sure you are not taken advantage of nor given a minimized payout. Our valued reputation in South Florida and groundbreaking case results offer victims relief and comfort during a difficult time.   

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