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Personal InjuryHow to Pick the Right Personal Injury Attorney

PORCARO LAW: How to Pick the Right Personal Injury Attorney

The first step in your personal injury case is choosing an attorney. If you want to maximize your personal injury settlement, this step is a crucial one. But how do you pick the right personal injury attorney in the first place?

As it turns out, there are a few clear steps involved in choosing the right lawyer. Once you’ve selected a specialized doctor to review your injury, you can move forward with finding an attorney.

First, figure out what type of attorney you need

Take a peek at the list of top practice areas, and determine which type of attorney fits your needs best. This depends on the type of personal injury you’re dealing with. Did it happen at work? Were you involved in an auto accident? Questions like this will help guide you in the right direction.

Lawyers are just as specialized in their area of expertise as doctors. Obviously, you want a team with maximum experience where it counts. Not every type of accident resulting in an injury is created equal, so be sure to confirm with the attorney’s office before proceeding.

Research personal injury attorneys near you

One of the best ways to find a quality personal injury attorney is via word of mouth. This means asking your friends and family who they recommend. After all, references from people who’ve had positive experiences with a particular attorney or practice go a lot farther than a Yelp review. If this works out for you, it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

You can also do your due diligence by looking through lawyer directories. Here, you can filter out by the practice area you require. Since people tend to have strong opinions about lawyers, you’re bound to find plenty of information on your findings. Review sites like The National Trial Lawyers Association may be of help. You can also check out reviews for personal injury attorneys on Google Maps.

Whatever route you take to pick the right personal injury lawyer, be sure to take this step: Check the State Bar Association to verify credentials.

Interview the personal injury attorney

Believe it or not, you do have the right to ask potential attorneys questions. When you’re on the path to choosing the right personal injury attorney for you, ask questions like these:

  • Could you provide me with referrals?
  • Could you provide me with your credentials?
  • How can you help me? (Personalize this one to your circumstance.)
  • What’s your communication frequency?
  • In my case, what do you expect the outcome to be?
  • Can you provide me with a settlement estimate? (Be sure this is a ballpark figure.)
  • What are some past cases and outcomes that lend you expertise in this area of personal injury law?

Depending on the answers each attorney gives, you may choose to move forward in the process to pick the right personal injury lawyer or call it quits. Either option is okay.

Thoroughly review paperwork before you decide

Legalese is difficult to read. After all, that’s what we have lawyers for. However, joining forces with any attorney means signing some paperwork, and you’re going to want to review all of it before signing yourself into a contract.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the contract and agreement. You can always bring up any questions or concerns to the attorney’s office. If something seems off to you, do yourself a favor and trust your instinct. By doing so, you’ll likely save yourself hassle in the end.

Last but definitely not least: confirm payment

Does the personal injury attorney in question work on a contingency basis? In this case, they don’t receive any money for the case until it’s settled.

What’s the payment protocol? What percentage of your recovery will they charge? What’s their hourly or percentage rate for ad-hoc duties?

Clarify these details prior to signing the contract. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than you expected in the long run.

If you’re in Florida, start your search with Porcaro Law

When you pick the right personal injury attorney, this one decision could change your life for the better. Porcaro Law practices in Florida and serves victims in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and beyond.

From medical malpractice to dog bites, from nursing home abuse to birth injuries, we cover the bases. Our personal injury attorneys are well versed in just about every aspect of personal injury law. The quicker you act, the likelier you are to receive adequate compensation. Contact us today to determine if Porcaro Law is the right fit for your personal injury case.

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