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Personal InjurySlips & Falls + Accidents: Summer events in Florida

PORCARO LAW: Slips & Falls + Accidents: Summer events in Florida

Slips & Falls + Accidents: Summer events in Florida

It’s officially summertime in South Florida which means there are a lot of events going on including concerts, sporting events, and more. This can be exciting, but there are proper precautionary steps to take when attending events such as these.

One can assume that attending these types of events doesn’t come without risk. Slipping and falling, tripping on a wet bathroom floor, or being struck by a ball are just a few types of common event and sports facility accidents that occur every day. They might seem rare, but these types of incidents happen regularly.

Slip and falls, trips, and other accidents can be hard to prove, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and also note the proper steps to take incase you are ever injured in an accident like this.

When you’re attending an event this summer, keep these things in mind:

  • Most slip and fall accidents occur due to wet bathroom floors
  • Be cautionary and pay attention when entering public bathrooms at events
  • When walking up or down flights of stairs, make sure they are sturdy
  • Many accidents occur on cracked or crumbling staircases in stadiums
  • Watch out for water when walking on bleachers and be aware of your surroundings

What to do if you’re injured in a slip and fall accident

  • Always seek medical treatment first
  • Your health is the number-one priority after a slip or fall accident
  • Report the accident no matter where it happened and remember to get all of the details of the incident in writing
  • Document as much information as possible and do your best to limit communication with the manager, etc.
  • Don’t give any statements to your insurance company until you’ve spoken to an attorney
  • After you’ve completed these steps and are considering legal action, call an attorney
  • Many of these types of incidents are hard to prove and you need a trusted attorney on your side


When an accident occurs at a sports facility or an event space, the injured individual may be entitled to compensation under different proofs of liability. Please call our office for more information regarding liability, as our attorney Peter Porcaro can guide you through the process. Peter will handle all of the confusing paperwork, meet the deadlines, and most importantly, Peter will treat you like a person, not a case.

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