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Premises liability is a term that serves as a catchall for a broad area of the law. According to the general idea of premises liability law in Florida, it is a property owner’s duty to maintain safe conditions upon his property. Maintenance of safe conditions decreases the risk of injury or harm of a person who is on the property. 

Categories that fall under premises liability include those involving structural design flaws, unsafe conditions, environmental hazards, improper traffic patterns, and a wide range of other issues unrelated to security per se. In many cases, security-related premises liability matters involve issues like security standards and generally accepted security practices. Existing standards, crime statistics, event history, and specific risk considerations play a part in determining whether an adverse event was foreseeable.

Premises Liability Attorney for Slip & Fall Accidents in Delray Beach, Florida.

Examples of Premises Liability

In further explanation, consider the following examples of premises liability. You or a loved one visit a place, and you are injured – maybe even fatally – by conditions that you could not have anticipated. Maybe this happens in a warehouse, a vacant lot, or a marina. What is comes down to is that someone else’s negligence in observing safety standards has put you at risk. In many cases, tragic consequences are a result of such negligence. 

If something like this does happen, the premises liability attorneys at Porcaro Law can help you. The issues of premises liability and falls are complicated, which is why you should seek out diligent legal counsel. Our experienced Florida premises liability lawyers are here for you every step of the way.

Seeking Compensation for Slip & Fall Accidents

No matter how obvious fault may appear, the issues of premises liability are complicated and sometimes overlapping. It is often difficult for someone who is not an experienced attorney to recognize just how complicated the issue of fault may be. Government agencies have established standards, laws, and ordinances to define levels of safety that property owners must meet. A property owner who fails to meet such standards is liable for the injury of others on the premises. Determining which of these standards, laws, or ordinances applies to a particular case must be carefully analyzed by attorneys. The premises liability lawyers at Porcaro Law are always up for the job.

Survivors or family members of the injured victim often struggle to find a way to right the wrong that has been done. It often seems as if there is nothing that can be done to help get through the stress of these accidents. We understand that you are suffering through financial and emotional loss as well as the yearning for justice. Porcaro Law can help alleviate your hardship by fighting for your rights. By allowing us to represent you, you will see what it’s like to have attorneys on your side that will work hard to achieve what you deserve. Don’t let the stress of a premises liability and slip and fall accidents take over your life.

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